September’s Energy 2016

What exciting times we find ourselves in. As September first dawns we are showered with a treble-fold delight of cosmic energy!

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo – August 30th – September 22nd 2016

Starting with Mercury becoming Retrograde (August 30th – September 22nd) in it’s home sign of Virgo. With Mercury being the planet or God of the Mind and Communication. It is a mental energy, . During it’s Retrograde we are called to pursue internal investigation revolving around the Mind and Communication. We are given a chance to re-visit and re-evaluate in order to re-new any issues that may have affected us during the last 3 months during Mercury’s Stationary Period. Have you had any issues of Communication within the last 3 months? Does something need clearing up? Could you be clearer, more concise or more compassionate with your communication or with your mind?

All transits, be them Sun, Moon or Planetary offer us the opportunity to explore on a deeper level the different parts of our psyche and experience greater Psychological Integration.

With it’s emphasis on re-evaluation, Mercury Retrograde can often bring up things or situations from the past in order to clear and release them. This can often bring confusion, frustration or a sense of ‘going round in circles’ coupled with Mercury’s influence on Electrical Energy (our bodies work through electrical signals) anxieties, stress or tension do have the ability to become heightened.

But, as earlier stated this is a time for re-visiting and re-evaluating. This is not a time to become exasperated or rush. Be easy on yourself, spend quiet time in communion with self. This energy at it’s deepest level encourages digestion, clarity and a time to release old ways of working. Ask yourself; What does my internal dialogue speak to me? To what kind of feelings does my inner dialogue lead me to? Do I talk myself down or do I bring myself up? If I feel lost, what information do I need in order to feel more stable and grounded?

The absolute blessing with this Retrograde is that Mercury is comfortably at home in it’s own sign; the practically intellectual, no nonsense sign of Virgo. Boom! What better a sign for the God of Communication and Information to reside in! The efficient, clear and factual energy of Virgo perfectly compliments Mercury’s intentions for learning around Mind and Communication. And with such a harmonious pairing any work done in now will experience a sense of ease and positive cosmic blessing. The Mind and Communication love to be clear and Virgo loves clarity.

In it’s high expression, Virgo favours healthy compartmentalisation, so, this energy really does come with a marked sense of putting place to some of our scattered mental energies, discerning between what is useful and what is not in order to bring focus. the mind is a terrible master but a wonderful servant. What irrational, self-limiting or out-dated beliefs does your lower mind still hold? How can ration and logic be used for the greater good? We are being called to make use of our mind’s positive and constructive purpose.

Virgo is also a beautiful service orientated sign with an unrelenting focus on the contribution to the needs of others. Bringing a positive, humanitarian aspect to self-pursuits. This energy heightens the need to embrace our intellectual gifts and share them for the good of humanity.  This energy is a welcome one at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius through which Society is coming together into a place less concerned with ‘believing’ and more secure in ‘collective knowing’. Through using our intellect and common mind to aid humanities growth, stability and purpose.

This is the perfect energy to bring clarity, determination and focus.

New Moon in Virgo – September 1st 2016 – 9:04 AM

Interesting! This months new moon is also in Virgo! If you’ve read all of the previous paragraphs, you’re likely to be more familiar with the energy of Virgo. So let’s talk about the New Moon.

The New Moon is the time in the cycles when the Moon is at it’s closest to the Sun. It is being blasted by the beautiful, enhancing, revitalising rays of the Sun’s energy. It becomes filled with positive charge, bringing new beginnings and revitalisation which then shines upon Earth.

In Mundane Astrology, the moon represents our Soul; our emotional habits, interactions and reactions toward every day life. As Humans our emotions often run in cycles, just like the cycles of the moon. We have a tendency to get stuck in emotional patterns, cycles or ways of feelings. With the New Moon we embark upon a new emotional cycle. The New Moon brings an energy of new beginnings, a chance to break habits, a potent time to focus intention. A time to change and welcome positive changes going forward.

In Astrology, the planets, Sun and Moon always work with the energy of the sign they’re currently in so the Moon at this point is working to apply Virgo energy to our Emotions. Fun! With this energy we are being called to take a more down to Earth approach to our Emotion. To use rational and logic to keep things practical and moving in the right direction. Virgo is a grounded, self-reflective sign that does not mind looking at it’s own behaviour in order to improve in life. For this reason, Virgo is a great sign to explore issues of the moon. It can calmly purvey, gain clarity and move forward. In this way, Virgo evokes responsibility and self-preservation.

Virgo’s focus on mind-body-spirit connection enacts itself through an interest in health, with many Virgo’s being involved in the medical professions. With it’s practicality, Virgo applies this to working life, physical health and daily routines all of which are closely connected to our emotional health. This New Moon in Virgo brings us a magnifying glass with which to examine the little things in our lives. The things that we all know could make us feel much better.  How’s my well-being? How’s my physical health? How’s my emotional health? Could my daily routine work better for me?

Goal Driven Virgo promotes structure and order but also loves to see something tangible for it’s efforts. And rightly so, Virgo works hard! So take this as a perfect time to take inventory, organise (perhaps through making lists) and put into place ideas that are going to help you move forward.

This is the perfect time for new beginnings. Most importantly though is the release of fear through the acceptance of responsibility and the intention to experience growth.

And Hey Ho! Look here, there’s also a Solar Eclipse in Virgo! – 1st September 2016 – Seems like everything is in our favour, huh?

Now it’s about to get super exciting! On Thursday we experience the first Eclipse in a 5 and a half month cycle of transition taking us through to February 2017. Occurring when there is a Near-perfect alignment of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. In energetic terms, this could be worded as ‘Our every day awareness (the Earth) becoming more aligned with Conscious Awareness (the Sun) through Soul (the moon). Essentially, Eclipse Cycles bring with them ‘Consciousness Upgrades’, they facilitate a period of expansion, of further spiritual, emotional and intellectual understanding. Eclipses allow us to appreciate our depth and to honour what needs to end whilst simultaneously moving forward and realigning with our highest intentions. Solar Eclipses often highlight an issue or a theme needed to be worked on, endings of beginnings and with it’s placement in Virgo, lover of truth, there’s a good chance that this eclipse will bring a focus on things that you can’t ignore. But not to worry.

The Eclipse is beautifully complimented by Mercury Retrograde in Virgo enhancing our abilities to release old mind-sets that no longer aid us in order to reach new levels of consciousness. Recognising when we are acting from a place of fear and moving into that place of love.

All in all, this seems like a great time for expansion. Like every sign, Virgo is not without it’s fair share of worry or self-doubt, but with stable mind, these issues usually stay minor and can be easily overcome. So if through these changes you find yourself in doubt, allow yourself recognition, give yourself a pat on the back, accept your gifts, your beauty and know that the only way is up.

This week welcomes Jupiter into Libra which I’m sure will bestow some lovely, positive energy to us all. More exciting times!


Yay for my first post!

I plan for this to be a space for truth and contemplative reflection on all matters. A space to talk about my feelings, interests and observations. Please don’t take what I say as your own truth. I am not a preacher, a leader, a crazy person or a conspiracy theorist to anyone. I believe everyone is a teacher and there are things to be learnt from every person. I am and always will be learning. Whilst what I write is my own personal truth, I understand that all truth at the end of the day is subjective and would never wish to impose or force my views onto anyone. Everyone thinks and feels differently and that is one of the greatest beauties of life! What I write is what I feel is right, right now. I am just a girl who sees with more clarity than I used to and would like to see and share that clarity with the World. Have your own Truth and Power on xxx


Having said that and in my typically contrary manner, for my first post, I would like to talk about Truth. God bless contrary people, at least we keep things spicy! It might be a long post, but I believe it’s worth the read, promise 🙂

Let us begin 🙂

It has become clear to me that Everyone has their own truth and the search for this within ourselves and in the world around us is possibly the greatest journey that any human being can embark on. Some people do this from birth, others are triggered by events later in life, others experience this in only their dying days. To acknowledge and understand life and it’s meaning,  what it means for you, what it means for others, to understand everything in relation to everything is one of the most beautiful experiences we as humans are blessed to experience.

This experience I believe is called EVOLUTION. It can happen at all different stages of life, but rest assured, it will happen to everyone. Everyone will be called to question, to understand right from wrong, to embrace the wonders of everything. The idea of Evolution is one I believe Humanity has forgot. Our 21st Century attitude presumes that we have already evolved, we’re already there.

In a dying world full of despair, hurt and anger is this really the case? In a world ruled by havoc and destruction is the need for truth not apparent and necessary? Are we not all being called to evolve? To live in truth?  What truth do we have right now?  There are huge, fundamental things wrong currently wrong with this world and yet we choose a distorted attitude of mild ambivalence. Just this morning we are met with more sad news of ‘Terrorism’.

The general feeling of uneasiness within the world, the hate, the violence, the feeling that something is not quite right? That’s because it’s not. It’s far from right. That’s because we are far, far removed from our truth. We are far removed from our own Humanity and we are reaping the repercussions of this. There is imbalance. Why? Why when we are at peak advances with technology, with medicine, with ourselves and how we live here on Earth does humanity find itself in this position? A position in which we are lost, we cannot see clearly and we do not know what to do?

Earth has been cleverly structured over thousands of years by people who do not have the best interests of humanity at heart. It has been structured for their benefit, in order to gain power for themselves and over humanity.

You could call them extreme money-moguls or power hungry psychopaths. They’re the big bankers, the media, the monarchies and the super rich. I remember the first time this realisation came to my mind. I wondered if it was true, how could I possibly help, what was I meant to do? It took a while to settle in. But it is true and it does concern every single person. Although it seems unbelievable or fantastical, it is not. They have been around for years and years, since the days of Babylon, Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome and their actions are actually quite well documented, surprisingly. Through the subversion of History, the patriarchy of Religion and the manipulation of Science and information they have successfully slowed down Evolution. They have kept the general attention distracted and diverted away from the truth. They have hidden our true nature and kept from us our true light, love and power. We can all see on even just a small scale that they make us fucking miserable.

We have been under physical and mental attack for thousands of years. Through slavery, through the Holocaust, through all those horrible moments in between. They do not want us to evolve, to live in our true nature and they’re making it extreeeemely hard for us to do so aswell! So why would a small group who controls all people, all money and all circumstances here on Earth not favour Human Evolution? Because that wouldn’t serve them. We wouldn’t act as slaves for them anymore, we wouldn’t be subject to their oppressive rules anymore, their scare tactics would have no influence on us anymore. We would be free and happy! And they’d find themselves pretty redundant…and pretty skint too…

Economic threats, foreign threats, energy threats, terrorist threats, threats, threats, threats. They are intended to make us feel insecure, to divert and distract us from our true existence, to keep us locked in negativity and unaware of the true beauty of life. It’s sad, because if we all didn’t feel all this disharmony or expect all this disharmony, we would not experience it. I will talk about thought, attention and their magnificence in future posts but for now, most of us can identify that from positive thoughts come positive things and from negative thoughts come negative things. It’s really as simple as that.  The disharmony in the world is literally breeding more and more disharmony. And, what better for those who don’t want us to move with positivity. Keep them negative, keep them fighting against each other, give them something negative to talk about, they will do it for themselves! Think EU Referendum and we’ve all seen Facebook on a bad day. In fact, I’ve not heard one politician talk about our true nature in the whole time I’ve been alive! It really makes you wonder what direction they are trying to steer us in.

The World Stage gives us poignant examples, every day, of all the things we need to change. Each and every day we are asked to expand our awareness. We acknowledge the horrors, but yet not really, not actively, collectively do we press for change.

We must not be too hard on ourselves either, we must remember that power is a game and this particular game has gone on for thousands of years and those playing it have certainly not been afraid to use dirty tactics.

However, change must come. Even just 10 seconds each day spent with wholesome heart, acknowledging the need for change, hoping for a better world will put us in positive motion.

Earth is a beautiful, beautiful place and the human race is a beautiful, beautiful race. We do not have to live in misery or terror. We just have to choose not to, together. A collective effort toward Collective Truth and Evolution is absolutely necessary! There is a magic to behold. It sounds like a lot to say that we’re capable of experiencing a new world but that’s why no one person is being asked to change the world alone. We all have to get on board and start aligning ourselves with our true nature. Love, peace and righteousness. We are not victims of circumstance, we are responsible for the guardianship of this planet and it’s time to take back control, the longer we resist and persist in negativity, the longer we will all suffer and if you ask me or yourself or just about anyone, I’m pretty sure we’ve all suffered enough.

We are all in this together but right now we’re at risk of sinking alone. We need to come together, realise the extent of ourselves, the extent of what is happening, stop fucking complaining and work together for a better world. I don’t think we would be alive right now if we weren’t here to change the world. Please get on board. We are on such an amazing journey.

Stay Special and Happy Evolution!!!! xxxxxxxx

‘You can be lost at the same time as being found’ – Biffy Clyro

‘Power not only corrupts it addicts. Work becomes destruction. Nothing is built. Societies change with and without violence. Reinvention is possible. Building is possible. What tools have we to build with except hammers, nails, saws – education, learning to think, learning skills’ – Ursula K Le Guin


(PS. I plan to write much more about lots and lots of different topics but for now…. I enjoyed writing this and have so much hope for the future and hope you do too. If anybody does read this and your interest has been sparked, if you would like to know more, keep your mind wide open and dive into your research! Feel free to ask a question (I don’t have all the answers but I’ll do my best and if I can point you in the right direction or to the right person, I shall do :))  For anyone who might be a little dubious, ask yourself, why is my food and water being poisoned? I think that’s a good question to start contemplative reflection 🙂